We don't publish a hard copy color catalog like everyone seems to want for many reasons.
  • 1. The only way to be competitive on the internet is to offer great value at very low prices. We will not raise our prices to cover the cost of an expensive color catalog.

  • 2. Models change often in this business. We have trouble keeping up with all the changes on our website let alone trying to keep up with printing a new catalog 4 times a year.

  • 3. We want to spend our time visiting with our customers and making targeted suggestions suiting our customer's individual needs rather than trying to explain everything in a catalog.

  • 4. We get requests for catalogs constantly from people who are not serious buyers and only want to entertain themselves at our expense.

  • 5. Online advertising allows us to make instant changes to our pricing to be more competitive with other online stores, instead of being locked in to a price schedule for four to six months at a time.

  • 6. We offer deep discounts based on the volume of each individual sale. We visit with our customers and then try to give them the best deal in the country. That is not possible in a catalog.

We do make factory flyers available once our customer is decided about what they are interested in after speaking with us on the phone.
If you have a particular interest call us toll free at 800 889 2839 and ask all the questions you want. we will then try to provide factory flyers on the equipment you are interested in if those flyers are available at the time.
We will also offer a discount based on the total price of your order, that could include things like free shipping, or price reductions on individual pieces of equipment depending on our margin on those items purchased. Each deal is different and the more you buy the better the discount. Obviously we can't do that in a catalog.
Please don't ask for a catalog because, as much as we would like to, we just can't do it. Please do call us toll free and ask all the questions you want about what to buy to do the job you want to do.

Paul Stramer
800 889 2839

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