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Comtelco Industries has been building antenna products for the Commercial Two-Way Communications Industry for over 20 years. In the late 70's Comtelco was formed to provide a quality source of American made products that could be sold at prices that compare very favorably with products of questionable reliability that have been imported from the Far East.

It is Comtelco's desire to not merely expand our business volume, but to bring greater value to our customers. We strive to meet this goal through investment in research and development, Utilizing our unique technological advantges, we believe we can provide products with improved performance and greater reliability at a lower cost..


  • TWO YEAR Limited Warranty
  • Top Quality Materials Throughout
  • 200 Watt Power Rating
  • Triple Seal Construction
  • Hi-Q Gold Plated Spring Loaded Contact
  • Silver Plated Phasing Coil
  • No Fade UV ABS Housing
  • Simple Whip Removal
  • Up to 3db Gain VHF
  • Nickel-Chrome Plated Base
  • Mobile or Base Applications
  • Dual Band Available

Please call for our recommendation on your application and for prices.
800 889 2839
406 889 3183

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