40 Channel +, CB Antenna

Model FL3:     3 Ft - 5/8 wave   Rated @ 100 watts
Model FL4:     4 Ft - 5/8 wave   Rated @ 200 watts

KEY FEATURES: lightweight, flexible fiberglass whip, easy-tune 'bare-hands tunable tip'

Firefly, like the Firestik II, features the patented 'bare-hands tunable tip' design. Firefly uses rugged, lightweight materials which make it more than 40% lighter than Firestik II. Firefly antennas were designed exclusively for use on cars, light trucks and with mount applications better suited for lightweight antennas. Also, receives NOAA emergency weather alert signal and national weather channels on CB's with these features.

For use on cars, trucks, vans, rv's, motorcycles, campers and atv's.

Available in black w/ Firefly yellow tip.


MSRP Model FL3:     $17.99
MSRP Model FL4:     $19.99

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