The Patented Tunable Tip
40 Channel +, CB Antenna
U.S. Patent No. 4,379,298

Model FS2:     2 Ft - 5/8 wave   Rated @ 300 watts
Model FS3:     3 Ft - 5/8 wave   Rated @ 650 watts
Model FS4:     4 Ft - 5/8 wave   Rated @ 900 watts
Model FS5:     5 Ft - 5/8 wave   Rated @ 1000 watts

KEY FEATURES: easy-tune 'bare-hands tunable tip', high-performance coil design, rugged solid-fiberglass core, high power handling

Firestik II has all the top quality features of the original Firestik plus the unique patented 'bare-hands tunable tip' for the easiest 'no tools required' tuning method available. Handles more power than any other antenna in its class. Performance characteristics reach far beyond the capabilities of any original CB radio ever made. Also, receives NOAA emergency weather alert signal and national weather channels on CB's with these features. For quality communications, Firestik II is the choice of more professional truck drivers than any other CB antenna available.

For use on cars, trucks, vans, rv's, motorcycles, campers and atv's.

Available in black, red, white or blue.


MSRP Model FS2: $23.99
MSRP Model FS3: $25.99
MSRP Model FS4: $27.99
MSRP Model FS5: $29.99

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