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We do not modify these radios for use on CB frequencies. They are sold in their original factory configuration only and are not type accepted for CB use. They are type accepted for 10 meter ham use or export use only. We highly recommend that if you want to run this kind of power you get your Amateur radio license and do it legally.

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Prices include programming up to 20 channels with your frequencies and ham channels for your area!

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User manual and programming software

New Features Added:
(it does what the others can't......).
Separate squelch level for each channel.
Change squelch level on the fly.
Resumes scanning after off/on cycle.
Quicker activation of talk-around function.
Quickly see frequency of Alpha-tagged channel.
RX FM Broadcast 79-108 MHz
Wide Band & Narrow Band
Always Fast scan rate.

Anytone 3208UV w/FAST SCAN
Dual Band, Dual Frequency, Dual Display, Dual Standby
199 Channel Scanning Dual Band Portable Radios with 5 Watts RF Transmit Power and Field Programmability

A very reasonably priced radio with American features that is easy to operate. This very comfortable and functional radio is full 5 watt output on VHF and 4 watts on UHF, and is dual band, dual fequency, dual display and dual standby, plus built to business band specs, and does 2 Meter ham and 70cm ham also. Function key allows easy access to most features from the keypad including adding or deleting channels from the scan list. The keys are plainly marked for the functions activated by the function key. You can have one line of the display set on VFO and the other set to memory function. If you are properly licensed we can open this radio to transmit on the business bands on VHF 150 - 174, and UHF 450-470 Mhz. in addition to the ham bands!
YOUR LOW PRICE: JUST $145.90 + shipping.
Package Includes Radio, Antenna, 1500 mAh Lithium Ion Battery, Desktop fast Charger, Belt Clip, Wrist Strap

VHF/UHF Dual Band 199 channel $145.90 + Freight

Click for Owners Manual (pdf format)

Other unique features include:

  • Customizable Welcome Screen
  • Programmable by computer or keypad on radio
  • 1500 mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Dual Band, Dual Frequency, Dual Display and Dual Standby
  • Supports VOX transmission
  • VHF&UHF, UHF&UHF or VHF&VHF working modes
  • High/Low power selection
  • Wide/Narrow Bandwidth selection (25KHz/12.5KHz)
  • RX & TX 136-174 MHz & 400-520 MHz
  • VFO Scanning - frequency limits can be set for both VHF & UHF
  • Wire clone function
  • 105 groups D.C.S/50 groups CTCSS
  • Channel Name edit and display
  • Digital Coded Squelch (DCS)
  • Multiple scan modes
  • Keyboard lock (Auto/Manual)
  • Multi step frequency: 2.5K/5K/6.25K/10K/12.5K/25K/50K/100K
  • Transmit Time Out Timer
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Squelch mode adjustable for each channel
  • CTCSS that really works - when scanning channels, radio will stop ONLY when CTCSS tone is present
  • Channel Scanning - scanned channels can be ADDED or REMOVED via the keypad

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The 50+ Watt AnyTone AT5888UV VHF and UHF Dual Band Radio. Type accepted for business (part 90) or ham.

50 to 70 Watts of Driving High Power Output!
Dual Band, Dual control, Dual Display, Dual Receive
This dual band radio is type accepted by the FCC for Part 90 Business Band also. (FCC ID is T4K-5888UV) Operates as a ham radio on 2 meters and 70cm, and as a business band (narrow band) on VHF and UHF business bands.
It also scans air band (118-134 MHz) and has an FM broadcast band receiver (108-180 MHz)
Built in user adjustable Scrambler for use on business frequencies!

True Dual Receive - receive two signals at the same time -- second side can be muted while transmitting Separate Tuning Knob and Volume Control, each side Separate Function Buttons, each side Either side can be VHF or UHF at any time - VU, UV, UU, VV - One side can be VFO and the other side Memory at the same time Cross-Band Repeat (that works!) Alphanumeric Display, 758 Memory Channels CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, ANI, PTT ID, 2Tone/5Tone Encode & Decode Scrambler Included DTMF Microphone Detachable Control Head (CAT5 separation cable) Computer Programmable All buttons on radio and mic are back-lighted FCC Part 90 Certified (FCC ID is T4K-5888UV)

Receive Range (FM) 200-260, 350-400, 400-520 MHz 108-180 MHz (AM or FM Mode) 118-134 MHz (AM Aircraft Band)
Transmit Range (FM) 134-174, 400-490 MHz Output Power 50, 35, 10 & 5 Watts In Stock and ready to ship.
800 889 2839.
Click for Owners Manual (PDF format)

My experience with this radio is that with power input at 12V it puts out well over 50 watts, and with higher voltage up to 14.5v in it puts out close to 70 watts measured on an RMS meter. The transmit clarity is excellent, and the radio remembers up to 758 channel settings for repeaters or simplex frequencies that are either wide or narrow spacing by channel in the program. The tone board is very useable either tx or rx but the receiver is a little more open or less selective than I am used to. My office has 3 computers running all the time, and I need to set the squelch a bit higher there (about 6) than I would like, but I don't miss any calls, monitering 11 repeaters and a bunch of emergency channels. The built in top mounted speaker has lots of audio even in noisy environments. In a mobile it is fine for just about any application. Overall I am very impressed with this very small compact and capable unit, and can recommend it for just about any business or ham application without reservation. I run one on the base and one in my minivan and will be buying several more for my other vehicles. The scrambler in this radio is fabulous. The user can adjust the skew on the band to a number between 1 and 9999. For the other radio to hear and decode it has to be exactly the same number. That makes it almost impossible to decode if you don't know the number, so even if another system has the same radio on the same freqency, if they don't know your scrambler setting they can't understand you. (scrambler not for use on the ham bands)
  • 50 CTCSS & 104 DCS Tones per channel
  • Multiple Scan Functions
  • Alpha-Numeric display on 758 channels
  • Wide or narrow channel spacing
  • Two Tone Encode and Decode Programmable
  • Adjustable Squelch Menu
  • User adjustable scrambler on business band
  • Cross band repeater
  • Thermal controlled cooling fan on the heat sink
  • PC programmable software free
  • Field Programming from radio controls
  • 1.6" H X 6" W X 9" D
  • User Selectable Scan List
  • User Adjustable power out 50, 35, 10 & 5 Watts
  • Detachable Control Head (CAT5 separation cable)
  • Programming cable $40
  • Tuning Step 2.5, 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25 & 50 kHz

AnyTone AT-5888UV 50+ watt VHF and UHF $345.00+ shipping

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406 889 3183

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