The World Famous
40 Channel +, CB Antenna

Model KW2:     2 Ft - 5/8 wave   Rated @ 100 watts
Model KW3:     3 Ft - 5/8 wave   Rated @ 300 watts
Model KW4:     4 Ft - 5/8 wave   Rated @ 400 watts
Model KW5:     5 Ft - 5/8 wave   Rated @ 500 watts
Model KW6:     6 Ft - 3/4 wave   Rated @ 600 watts
Model KW7:     7 Ft - 3/4 wave   Rated @ 700 watts

KEY FEATURES: high-performance coil design, rugged solid-fiberglass core, high power handling

The most popular wire-wound CB antenna in the world. This is the original Firestik design, a proven performer since 1975. Firestik antennas are compatible with ALL CB radios and capable of receiving NOAA emergency weather alert signal and national weather channels on CBís with these features. Utilizes a voltage increasing top-loaded coil design for maximum signal strength. Cover reduces static over 50%.

The KW model antennas are factory tested for resonant frequency and overall quality and may be used on cars, trucks, vans, rvís, motorcycles, campers and atvís.

Available in black, red, white or blue.


MSRP Model KW2:     $18.99
MSRP Model KW3:     $20.99
MSRP Model KW4:     $22.99
MSRP Model KW5:     $24.99
MSRP Model KW6:     $27.99
MSRP Model KW7:     $29.99

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