Road Pal®
40 Channel +, CB Antenna

Model RP3: 3 Ft - 5/8 wave Rated @ 275 watts
Model RP4: 4 Ft - 5/8 wave Rated @ 375 watts

KEY FEATURES: low-cost money saver, lightweight, moderate power handling, flexible fiberglass whip

Road Pal is the performance leader of low cost replacement CB antennas. We created the perfect mixture of cost effective materials, quality workmanship and antenna expertise that you expect from Firestik. If cost is the issue, you don't have to settle for cheap replacements and knock-offs. You still have the option of an affordable Firestik-built antenna at a price that will save you money.

For use on cars, trucks, vans, rv's, motorcycles, campers and atv's.

Available in black, red or white.


MSRP Model RP3: $11.99
MSRP Model RP4: $12.99

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