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LDG Electronics Presents
The AT-11 Automatic Antenna Tuner

SUPER FAST TUNING -- The AT-11MP sets the new standard in desktop autotuners!
The AT-11MP is a major step forward in tuner design. Major changes from the AT-11 Baseline v2.5 include dual cross needles, measuring forward / reflected power and SWR, and a remote head option allowing you the ability to mount the AT-11MP in your trunk or other out of the way place and still control the tuners function and get a visual indication of your tuned SWR via LEDs.

The AT-11MP also features an ICOM or Alinco interface. Keep in mind that the AT-11MP will function with any radio, from a Heathkit, to a Collins, to a Ten-Tec, the Icom 706 interface allows the user to activate the tune feature by pressing the tune button on the front panel of the radio. This can be very handy if the tuner needs to be up away from easy arm reach on a hutch or on a shelf due to "shack clutter".

The AT-11MP features a sturdy enclosure manufactured for LDG Electronics Inc. by Ten-Tec Inc. The circuit boards are of superior quality with component holes that are plated through and construction approaching MIL-SPEC requirements.
Also available is a 4:1 Balun, allowing the AT-11MP to tune random, long, and end fed wire antennas.
While the AT-11MP is available assembled and tested, we at LDG are firm supporters of the "kit" format. It allows you, the customer, to assemble and get to know your tuner inside and out. Additionally it allows you to save money and have a couple of enjoyable evenings putting your tuner together. The only requirements to assembling your tuner is to have basic soldering knowledge and be able to follow detailed directions. Of course, our tech support would be glad to assist you with any questions you have regarding assembly or usage.


  • Configuration: Switched "L" Network
  • Dual Cross Needle meters
  • Remote Head Option
  • Optional ICOM or Alinco interface
  • Inductor range: 20 uH
  • Capacitor range: 3900 pf
  • Improved tuning algorithm
  • Tuning time: 0.1 to 5 seconds, 3.0 average
  • Enclosure sizes: Tuner 9.5 x 8.25 x 2.5, Remote Head 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.25 (measured in inches)
  • Current consumption: 15 to 500 ma, 250 average
  • Voltage requirements: 11 to 14 volts
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • 1.8 to 30.0 MHz coverage
  • Tunes 6 to 800 ohm loads
  • Power range: 5 to 150 watts
  • For Dipoles, Verticals, Vees, Beams or and Coax Fed Antenna
  • Kit Builds in 6 to 8 hours (average)

Available in Kit form or pre-assembled and tested!

Our Low Price: Kit= $239.00 + Freight
Assembled= $269.00 + Freight This is direct encrypted (secure) payment to our account, not through Pay Pal
800 889 2839
406 889 3183

See What our Customers are Saying:

"I recently purchased your at-11mp autotuner. And I am glad to say Out Standing Product! I use it with my Yaesu ft-840. I was using a 3kw roller inductor tuner which can be a pain to tune when moving around the band alot. And I have missed a few dx contacts trying to get tuned, but not anymore! I'll save the big tuner for when I run my amp, which is not very often. I get a 1:1 swr on all bands except on 160 meters, but that is due to the small size of my dipole. And I only have to tweek the tuner occasionaly to retune within the band for a 1:1 match. I like the fact that I can change bands and key the radio in am mode with my computer, and zip, 1 to 2 seconds at most(usually less than a second), and I am ready to switch to ssb and full power. The ultimate for the lazy ham radio operator, namely me. I have had a couple of other auto tuners, and for the price, this one blows them away!! Ever consider making a legal limit auto tuner? I just wanted to say thanks for a surprisingly affordable and oustanding performance auto tuner." N0VTY

"Hello! I received my AT-11 MP kit Friday afternoon and assembled it over the weekend. I was really impressed with the quality of the parts. Excellent instructions and using your alignment proceedures, all checks were right on the money. Really proud of myself, I am 66 years old and it has been a day or two since I put a kit together. I have used a Heathkit SB 102 XCVR and a Johnson Matchbox Tuner for years. After purchasing an ICOM 718 a few weeks ago, it was obvious I needed an Automatic tuner since newer solid state radios will drop back from 100 watts to 80 watts output even with a 2:1 SWR. I know there is a lot of Hoopla about using tuners, but they are well worth the protection "Peace of Mind" if you are using modern solid state Transceivers. Again thank you for a wonderful, well engineered product." KB5DRZ

"Bought a new AT11MP from HRO in Denver. Had it a couple of days now. Very impressive! Using it to tune a tri-bander and a very stubborn G5RV and it does great getting me a perfect match. I have The coils to put on my tri-bander for the WARC bands, but the tuner gets me a perfect match, if I get good signal reports, you can bet I wont be going back up that tower to put on the coils. It really mnakes you start to think about things. Like that metal street light on the corner. If I could attatch some center fed coaxe I bet I bet I could tune that sucker!!! Like I said, it works great. Hope to get a lot of years out of it. I was using AT-250 KNWD auto tuner and it just wouldnt do the job. The price I paid for the new tuner was most reasonable too!...Thanks" KB5ECM

"Received the AT-11MP, hooked it up and it works just fine. Tunes anything that I have. Thanks" Malcolm, KE9QJ

"It's quite enjoyable to have the use of the front-panel button on the Icom, but with or without, the AT-11MP is a sheer pleasure to use! There's simply no comparison between this and my old manual tuner. Thanks again."A

"Ordered an 11MP kit at about 10:30 PM on Monday night. Kit arrived today (Wednesday) at about 2 PM. WOW! Looked at the parts, board, etc. Very, very impressive (or as the kids would say 'AWESOME'). Double WOW ! Thanks."

"I couldn't begin to tell U how satisfied I am with my newly purchased AT-11 MP! It is undoubtedly the best addition to my HamShack that I have purchased in many years. I declare, I believe that it cud/wud tune anything after observing what occurred with my assortment of wires, windoms, quads, dipoles, etc. The tuner is so quick & so efficient, as well as vri simple to use, even fer a non-technical DXer like me. 73 es tnx fer a great product, Sherman K4KU"

"I received the tuner yesterday and I have only briefly used the unit but I will say so far it tunes practically everything my MFJ-949E would only 10 times faster. I also like the ability to fine tune the unit. This is a good feature. Also the fit and finish of the case and mechanical structure of the unit is many times better than your competition. It does not look ragged sitting on top of my ICOM 746 and KENWOOD 570DG it actually compliments the look. This might not be important to some hams but it is to me. Keep up the good work. Your product shows good quality and you don't take a week to answer your e-mail." Peri Marlow KC4CQS

"This is the best automatic tuner I have ever used it tunes anything. I live in an apartment and must use a very short dipole, it is cut for 20 meters but the tuner gives me all of the forty meter and a small section of 75. It is also the fastest tuner that I have used. In my car I have a TS50 and the AT50 but I am going to change tuners as soon as I can. THANK YOU !!!" J.B.

"I purchased a AT-11MP from Ten-Tec during their open house last week. I'm using it with a G5RV inverted vee. It works great! I can now use my Ten-Tec Corsair on 10 & 17 meters, my favorite bands. Something I could'nt do before with a conventional tuner. I also have lots more room on my desk as the AT-11 is so much smaller. Great job, well worth the money, thank you!" D.S.

"I am very pleased with my tuner as it worked right off the bench and does everything its supposed to do perfectly. A great product!" Stew B.
"Hello, just received one of your kits and assembled it this weekend. First let me say this is one of the nicest kits I have ever put together. Everything fit together perfect and the tuner seems to be tuning fine." Bob S.

"The tuner works great and tunes my horizontal loop to 1:1 except on 15 Meters, where it is about 1.4:1, which is acceptable. This is an excellent product with a good manual. My friends are impressed at the increase in the signal from my equipment, so you may get a few more orders." Charles H.

I am truly impressed with the final product. Works with amazing speed and brings the match between coax and xcvr down to where the radio enjoys life again........ Superb Machine....So thanks for a great product." Best Regards, Ken .. WB7AIT

"True to my word, here is a picture of the unit on my dash and the antenna that it tunes. The antenna is a Terminator Two. The two coils are 3/8 "dia., tubing and gives the antenna an electrical length of approx., 102". The unit worked great as a CB antenna and will tune an SWR of 1.2 across the CB Band. It will also work well up into the Novice voice band of 28.3 Mhz without a tuner. With the AT-11MP attached to the end of the feed line (18' of RG58U) the antenna readily tunes 14.302.5 with a 1.2 to 1 SWR. I AM IMPRESSED! It has also tuned to 21.150 and 7.125 for morse code work. The SWR is never greater than 1.5 to 1. Great piece of gear this AT-11MP, KUDOS. I attached the unit to the dash with Super Velcro from Radio Shack, so there is no screws to vibrate loose!" Thanks, Jim Haney

"Hi, received the at11mp antenna tuner this morning. Thank you for the prompt service. It is working fine. Have worked several bands which were not posible before with my antenna set up. I am sure it will be a great asset to my ham station. UPS were [sic] also very efficient . Thank you!" A W Mcaulay, Wellington New Zealand

"My order for the AT-11MP & DWM-4 arrived on the day you said it would, and in fine shape.I put both units in service, and they are a great addition to my shack! Thank you for your attention on my order." Sincerely, Myles Vanduzer WA9OMG

"I bought your at-11mp severaly months ago just got it installed the first of April along with ft-100 yaesu. The tuner works better than expected. This was in a kit form was very easy to put together. Thanks for the fine product, it will tune the atas 100 motor driven ant to 80 meters and I was surprised at performance... this ant tunes 6 meters to 40 meters." Thanks again, Larry Hastings W7CCT
"Some info for you - The antenna is an 80 meter Carolina Windom at 65'. I measured the impedance where the coax comes into the garage. The At-11 is remotely located there. I used the Autek RF-1 and got the following readings. 80 - Z=78 40 - Z=93 30 - Z=60 20 - Z=35 17 - Z=59 15 - Z=75 12 - Z=20 10 - Z=160 The tuner found matches on all these bands. It had some difficulty finding a match on 12 meters but it eventually found one. I am very pleased with the unit and have taken the case apart and added a ground stud in the hole in the back." Al W6HLC

"Hi Jennifer, I was just going to give you a quick testimonial, UPS brought it about 10 AM, but was not able to plug it in for about 15 minutes., Anyway, have done a quick test and it is working great! I have an old Drake TR-7 which shuts down to almost zero with a SWR 2:1. Each time I keyed up it matched 1.5:1 and the Xmiter would make full power." Thanks again, Roy
"Hello. Installed in my car trunk with my IC706 MKII. Works terrific. It is nice to have the "tune" button function on the "706", rather than have to got to AM and key the mike. Thanks for as nice product." Bob Ogren, N1BO (ex K1CVH)

Available pre-assembled and tested! This unit is discontinued. Get yours before we run out.

Our Low Price:Assembled= $259.00 + Freight This is direct encrypted (secure) payment to our account, not through Pay Pal
800 889 2839
406 889 3183

This is direct encrypted (secure) payment to our account, not through Pay Pal

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